Lavender and burlap

Last night was a very special occasion. Sarah Beth, one of my good friends from college, got married! It was a simple yet elegant affair that took place at a beautiful vineyard nestled at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The view was majestic. She couldn’t have chosen a better venue.

Of course, I kept things classy by changing in the parking lot. It’s possible the van driver got a couple sneak peaks. Guess I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist but in my defense I was only following the boyfriend’s lead. Oh well.

I’m pretty sure the reception hall was once a stable or carriage house. That’s the feel I got from it anyway. But I’m telling you, it was a pretty nice looking converted stable. Honestly, one of the best settings I’ve ever been to.

Aside from the fact that the place was just gorgeous, I’m sure the fact that Sarah did her own decorations only added a special touch of charm to the wedding. Her theme was wheat and lavender, her colors purple and burlap. I really liked that she used mason jars in her center pieces. I brought a few home I loved them so much!

Seriously, how cute!

It has become my opinion that all weddings should be held in the evening. I think it makes the event more magical, more enchanting. Maybe I’m just a fan of stars and candlelight. Plus, the favors were these adorable little s’more kits. I’m sure the fire pit looked nicer under the moonlight than it would have in the sunlight.

Of  course, there is the matter of food as well. Savory pulled pork served on warm baked buns. Crunchy coleslaw and creamy potato salad. Fresh green beans served with red peppers. And last but not least, some of the best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had the pleasure to taste. Needless to say, I filled up my plate with everything. Then went back for seconds. If I wasn’t so stuffed, I would’ve made a third round just because it was all so delicious. The caterer (or who I assume was the caterer) was as sweet as a button and we had a nice little conversation. She did good!

Yes, most definitely the best wedding I’ve gone to yet. And by far the most enthusiastic dance floor I’ve ever experienced. Those groomsmen know how to get down! Perhaps that’s one of the perks of getting married young. Most of us dancers were in our early to late twenties. But don’t worry. Some of the older folk joined in, too. Good DJ! Oh, and since the wedding was held at a vineyard, I took the liberty to enjoy a bit of wine. Their Crozé mixed with some lemonade was the perfect combination. That particular wine was described as being dry, but I found it to be more on the sweet side. The lemonade really helped to cut down that sweetness.

I just want to emphasize one more time what a beautiful ceremony the whole thing was. I really enjoyed what the preacher/pastor/reverend/minister/official (Aaron) had to say about love. I’m going to ask him if he has an available copy of his sermon/service or if I can at least have a list of his sources.

What a beautiful couple!

I only hope that one day my own wedding is such a success. I think I’m going to wrangle the new MRS into being my wedding planner. I think she could find a nice career in the business, haha. She has a wonderful eye for detail and creativity. Did I mention she did the whole thing herself (with the recruitment of her mama)?

I wish them all the happiness in the world!


Browsing the web

I’m in love. Her name is Kay. She’s a Dutch girl and after a few days of browsing, I think her blog is amazing. It’s called Kayotic Kay and I can’t wait to make her Pink Peppercorn Hot Chocolate or Breakfast Pasta Bake. I’m all about some pasta bakes! I’ve already set up a link under my Foodies page, but here’s another link right here for your convenience.

Whoa, I really was in a linking mood, wasn’t I?