As a curvy girl myself that doesn’t fit into the standard notion of stick figure American “beauty,” I always appreciate it when I stumble upon other more vuluptuous women that offer fashion and beauty advice. Like Tanesha Awasthi . Isn’t she just gorgeous?! I discovered her early this morning while browsing through some of the other blogs I follow and I instantly fell in love. I’ve decided I must fall in love rather easily, because I swear every day my heart starts pattering for one thing or another. Anyway, I’m not anti-skinny or anything like that. There are other beauty/fashion blogs I visit every now and then where a plus sized woman is nowhere in sight. BUT it is nice to see a girl closer to my size pointing out tips that are actually practical for my body type. It inspires me to put a little more umph into my wardrobe instead of settling for things a granny might wear, and I am too spicy to be dressing like I’m 80…which I admit used to happen back in high school when I didn’t know didly squat about make-up and heels and miniskirts. Of course, I’ve long since grown out of that terrible phase, but now that I have a big girl job where I’m expected to dress like a, well, big girl, it’s nice to be able to relate to my fashion guru instead of wishing I could squeeze into the same skinny jeans she wore last week. I may not be quite as chunky as I sometimes imagine, but skinny jeans aren’t exactly my go to outfit for a night on the town.

Girl with Curves, go check that goddess out!