Crafting after a long weekend

Today I decided I wanted to get crafty. My project of choice? Corona Glasses– or rather, Bud Light Lime and Platinum glasses. After all, living in a house where friends are sure to swing by over the weekend and knock a few back gave me plenty of bottles to experiment with. Good thing these guys like to keep it classy (otherwise I’d be stuck with a bunch of cans)

Anyway, I gathered up my supplies from around the house (yarn and fingernail polish remover) then went outside to dig up some bottles out of the recycling. I was REALLY excited to be trying this out. The boyfriend caught my enthusiasm, too. I mean, how awesome would it be to have beer bottle glasses? Especially since I would be making them myself. So cool!

So, I braided my yarn

Soaked it in fingernail polish remover

Then I slid it over my beer bottle

And lit that baby on FIRE!

I rotated the bottle for 30 seconds before submerging it into an ice bath. But I just could not get a clean cut

That’s okay. I have plenty of bottles to experiment with. I think part of the problem is my ice water wasn’t cold enough. I also read it’s better to use remover without acetone. One review said to rotate the bottle over a candle flame. Looks like  I’ll have plenty of ways to keep my hands tied for a bit. I’ll produce a nice glass by the end of the week! What a nifty idea. Great for parties, I’m sure


Cooking in stilettos

Boy, is my love life bursting! Today I added yet another person to my list of amantes. Her name? Candice Kumai. I accidentally discovered her while reading an article on running (I may not look like an athlete or health nut, but by George, I try!). It’s a funny story, actually. I’m pretty sure a few years ago I encountered a cookbook she coauthored, Cook Yourself Thin. At the time, I didn’t give her much thought.  I think we can all agree that happens from time to time in a love story. Before, I wasn’t ready to commit to the relationship. I was young and hesitant and still growing into my cooking apron. But now I have matured  and was pleasantly pleased to learn that Candice has authored another cookbook called Pretty Delicious that I plan to hunt down on my next trip to Barnes & Noble. She also has her own site, which I have already added to my foodies page. What can I say? It’s been a pretty productive day!

I can’t wait to make these! I am such a big dumpling fan, and I lump pot-stickers into that category as well. I’ve been comparing several gyoza recipes over the past week and I think hers might just be the first one I try. Suddenly, I’m excited to go grocery shopping tonight! Does anyone else hate grocery shopping? I love cooking. I have no qualms about going to kitchen gadget stores. I absolutely adore farmers markets. But I hate trudging to the grocery store. I’m pretty sure this is due to the fact that I usually end up wandering aimlessly through the aisles, putting this and that in my cart on a whim. Sometimes I carry a list in with me, but even then I seem to be one of those unorganized shoppers. My summer goal is to start meal planning ahead of time. Hopefully, this will cut my shopping time in half while simultaneously increasing my love for the grocery store.

While we are on the topic of love interests, there’s someone I want you to meet…

This is Toby. Doesn’t he look so evil! Well, sometimes he is, but mostly he’s a very affectionate kitty. I”m sure we can find a more friendly portrait

Ah, here we go! Isn’t he a handsome little man? We took him to the vet yesterday for a bit of a checkup and he was the perfect gentleman

But eventually he just wanted to explore. We had to entice him to stay on the table with some treats. This is Toby considering his options

As you can see, Toby is no stranger to blogging. He started at a very young age. He was quite excited to share today’s feature…but not as excited as he’s going to be about a package that came in for him today! What could it be…

Whoa! It’s a kitty toilet training kit! Note: This was NOT my idea, and yet I have become utterly intrigued by this concept. I’ll keep you posted on whether or not Toby agrees to partake in this experiment. Cheers!

P.S. I’ve decided to add a crafts page to my blog, but haven’t figured out how to put posts in it yet. Thanks for your patience as I learn about this wonderful world of blogging!