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The first time I ever tried kimbap was in a hair salon. No joke. Sure, this isn’t the usual place one may expect to chow down on this Korean rice dish, but to be fair we were expecting to be at the salon for several hours and beauty requires energy. You see, when my cousin and I were in high school we went through this period of getting out naturally curly hair straightened. I can’t remember why. I guess it was hip or something, which was a shame really because curls run in the family and now that I’m an adult I better appreciate their beauty. But we were kids and our mothers may have had something to do with it. Her own mother being Korean, we always made a long drive a few towns over to get to the Korean salon (and honestly they do hair the best; I’ve tried the Brazilian treatments and would go Korean/Japanese in a heartbeat). Anyway, so that’s how I came to discover the magnificence that is kimbap, sitting on a leather couch in the middle of a Korean run salon while I watched my cousin’s thick curls be flattened out to straight perfection. It was love at first bite.

Now kimbap isn’t as easy to come by as one might think. Korean doesn’t seem quite as popular as Chinese takeout, but I’ve managed to find a few holes in the wall. Even better is making friends with someone that can make kimbap. I’ve attempted to make it myself a few times, following recipes quite miserably. But Friday night all that changed when I went over to a coworker’s apartment for lessons. And you know what? It really is not that hard.

Since it was a lesson and I was at a friend’s place, I didn’t document the process as well as I could have, but hopefully you find what I do have to be helpful.


Seaweed sheets
Sticky rice
Spam (I usually eat it with imitation crab strips)
Daikon (pickled radish)

Really, you can put whatever you like in your kimbap, but I think the usual ingredients include daikon, egg, spam/crab, bulgogi, cucumber, carrot, maybe some spinach. We didn’t use all these things in my lesson.

Make up some sticky rice. I’m not 100 % sure how to do this, but my friend said it was better than using sushi rice.


Fry your egg and spam, then slice them into long strips. Slice your veggies into long strips as well.


If you’re not a professional sushi or kimbap roller, a recommend using a bamboo mat to make your rolls. Spread the rice out thinly over a seaweed sheet, rough side up.


Line the end closest to you with your fillings. Using the bamboo mat as a guide,  roll everything together. This may be awkward at first but you’ll get the hang of it!

And that’s it. Keep rolling them slice it up into bite size pieces. Yumm


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Today I learned that I can use my “smart” phone to upload posts. I’m back!



As a curvy girl myself that doesn’t fit into the standard notion of stick figure American “beauty,” I always appreciate it when I stumble upon other more vuluptuous women that offer fashion and beauty advice. Like Tanesha Awasthi . Isn’t she just gorgeous?! I discovered her early this morning while browsing through some of the other blogs I follow and I instantly fell in love. I’ve decided I must fall in love rather easily, because I swear every day my heart starts pattering for one thing or another. Anyway, I’m not anti-skinny or anything like that. There are other beauty/fashion blogs I visit every now and then where a plus sized woman is nowhere in sight. BUT it is nice to see a girl closer to my size pointing out tips that are actually practical for my body type. It inspires me to put a little more umph into my wardrobe instead of settling for things a granny might wear, and I am too spicy to be dressing like I’m 80…which I admit used to happen back in high school when I didn’t know didly squat about make-up and heels and miniskirts. Of course, I’ve long since grown out of that terrible phase, but now that I have a big girl job where I’m expected to dress like a, well, big girl, it’s nice to be able to relate to my fashion guru instead of wishing I could squeeze into the same skinny jeans she wore last week. I may not be quite as chunky as I sometimes imagine, but skinny jeans aren’t exactly my go to outfit for a night on the town.

Girl with Curves, go check that goddess out!

Just a taste

Today I discovered a new food blog (surprise, surprise!) and as soon as the clock strikes 6, I’m jumping into my car, rushing home and making her Lobster Rolls with Garlic Butter Buns…only with crab since that’s what I happen to have in my fridge.

Hopefully someday soon I’ll actually get to test some of these recipes out for you. Until then, I wish you happy eating!

No Charge

My computer died. Again. Guess I should just get a new one. Bleh…

Chills and Youtube

As you guys know, I’ve been on a Youtube kick when it comes to finding recipes. Today, I was in search of a recipe for creamed spinach, and not for any particular reason mind you. I’ve never eaten my spinach creamed before so I thought I’d see what it was all about…especially since I should probably add more spinach to my diet, along with other vegetable. And since I’m not much of a salad enthusiast (all rabbit food if you want my opinion), I’m currently exploring other vegetable friendly options. Anyway, there I was waiting to watch a video when the most charming advertisement popped up on my screen. Usually, I skip all ads that come my way, but this one was different; it was a full video on how to make apple cider in your very own kitchen! I was hooked as soon as soon as I saw the apples laid out. I just knew I was in for a treat, and I certainly was!

The channelpagewhateveryouwanttocallit is Thirsty For…by tasemade and I’m in love. Seriously, I’ve already watched all twelve videos. The first thing I plan on making is their masala chai. Mmm chai. My favorite! Though I generally prefer it iced to hot, but considering I’ve chosen not to turn on my heat…

For some reason the embed feature is linked to the above video, but that’s okay. I don’t mind (I just don’t feel like fiddling with it right now. Here is the link for the chai! Ahh, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Watching things like this makes me remember how much I love cooking- the art, the science, the craft of it. Sorry, I didn’t actually cook anything in this post, but I just couldn’t wait to share my find! On a bright note, today I bought my first turkey breast. Yeah, that’s right. A turkey breast! I always assumed you had to go to a fancyshmancy grocer for such things, but nope! Hopefully it’s thawed out by tomorrow…


Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a joyous and safe holiday. I know I had a good time, though after 10:30 I was struggling to stay up til midnight. Hopefully you guys had better luck than I did. Anyway, I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for following my little blog here. I know it’s nothing fancy yet and I’m not the best at updating, but I still appreciate your comments. Thanks for reading!




I’m so excited! Every year my friends and I gather together for a pre-Thanksgiving meal. It’s been a tradition since freshman year of college. It’s one of my favorite things to do every year. As it happens, our dinner is planned for next Sunday, which I think is appropriate because it will be the end of my first week on the new job and it’s also a few days away from Sarah Beth’s birthday. Needless to say, there will be lots to celebrate the end of that week! Did I mention I’m excited? I’m really really really uber excited to see all my friends!

(Oh the kitchens of college kids)

So far, I’ve always been in charge of the turkey. Last year I tried to do some crazy spin off a turducken…but all I ended up doing was wrapping the thing in bacon. I won’t sit here and say it was a HUGE success, but regardless of looks it was tasty and the whole idea of it was fun anyway.

This year, I’m going to fry the turkey. I’ve only ever had fried turkey once and I was too young to really remember if it was as divine as everyone claims. Which of course means that I have never fried a turkey before and I’m a little nervous about the whole ordeal. Gallons of hot oil does not sound all that fun to me, but hey- after I give the bird a good rub down it’s going outside with the guys anyway and I won’t have to mess with it at all if I don’t want to. And it’s going to be delicious. Plus, that means free oven space. Win-win all across the board in my opinion.

Since I’m thinking about not being in charge of the actual frying of the turkey, I get to play around with other recipes this year. Like a cranberry-blackberry sauce. And homemade baked mac n cheese with white cheddar and gruyere and crispy bacon sprinkled on top. Oh, and let’s not forget the sweet potato souffle. Mmm with pecans and gooey marshmallows and no coconut in sight. I can’t wait to see what everyone else is bringing (hopefully some dessert!). I’m sure it’s going to be a blast. I just wish everyone could make it. We were short a few faces last year and will be short a couple this year. Guess that’s what happens when you grow up and start moving away.

But clearly, we always have a good time!


I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise! Though, the way I’ve been updating lately y’all might have forgotten all about me. But things have been happenings, things that have taken up my time. For instance, with my current unemployed situation, I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy…and finally finally got an interview! Actually, it was more like a string of interviews over a month’s course for the same position. I’ll hopefully know by next week if I got it or not. I sure hope so! I need to buy a new camera so I can get back to sharing my tested recipes with everyone. It’s just so depressing without the photos, don’t you agree?

All that aside, I made my first cheese danish the other day. It was so much easier than I would’ve thought. Piece of cake (or rather danish haha). Since my camera is still out of service, I don’t have step-by-step pictures, but the boyfriend was kind enough to take a snapshot of the finished product when he got home from work. Since it was my first time working with a recipe like this, I didn’t make any tweaks so I’ll send you straight on to the original source here at Little House Living. It was delcious! And the dough was easy to make, which is saying something considering my track record with dough recipes


Tonight, since we were out and about anyway, the boyfriend and I decided to stop somewhere and grab some grub. The shopping center we parked in boasted Italian, Thai, and Mexican cuisine. I could’ve really gone for a good sub at the Italian place. I’m a big- and I mean BIG- sandwich person and, frankly, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a good sandwich. But we decided to go Thai instead…which was good since I’ve never had Thai food before. I remember once in high school going to a Thai restaurant with a friend, but as strange as it sounds, I don’t remember eating a bite. Perhaps I was just meeting them there for later shenanigans. And once, another friend came over after lunch and offered me a taste of some rice. Not exactly a full Thai experience, though.

So I was quite intrigued when we walked through the door and were led off to a quiet corner all to ourselves. The menu baffled me. I had no idea what to order. I wanted to be adventurous, but at the same time felt I should experience some basics first. What to do! In the end, the boyfriend, who didn’t seem quite as perplexed as I, ordered the Thai Fried rice and I followed suit, ordering the Thai Spicy fried rice. Both with chicken. We also got some Crispy Wontons and shared a bowl of Wonton Soup to tie us over. The Wontons were good, though not quite as big as their Chinese counterparts. The sweet chili sauce made the whole thing, I’m telling you. The soup was pretty good too, the broth flavorful and swimming with cabbage and shrimp. There was only one downfall: cilantro.

Is there any kind of food on this planet that you just cannot tolerate? Even the thought alone makes you cringe and turn your nose up. For me, that food is cilantro. I can’t stand cilantro. Not the smell. Not the taste. Not the look of the stuff. After only one sip of the Wonton Soup, I knew exactly what was wrong. Sure enough, there they were, little green specs floating around in the broth, mingling in with the cabbage and dumplings. I was oh so disappointed and politely pushed the bowl across the table toward the boyfriend. I could wait for my fried rice, thank you. Of course, I did eventually help the boyfriend finish off the soup, carefully picking out the pieces of cilantro. We were meant to share it after all and the soup itself was really tasty. Was I really going to give up on an entire dish for a tiny part of the whole? No, ma’am. It’s just not in my nature. Shortly thereafter, my rice was served and I enjoyed the rest of the evening with my nose dripping. Talk about cleared sinuses!

But the whole episode did get me to thinking about other foods I don’t enjoy. Granted, there aren’t many. But that’s not to say there aren’t occasions where I’m prone to decline an offered meal (or in the very least make it look like I’m eating the food when I’m really shuffling it around my plate. Here’s a list of my top five most hated foods

5. Green beans. I’ve never liked green beans and don’t think I will ever truly appreciate them. Especially the stuff from a can. A green bean casserole has been known to make me momentarily forget my distaste. Sometimes I’ll even eat them willingly if fresh and prepared well. But you won’t find them in my house.

4. Black Eyed Peas. We had to eat them once on New Years. Supposedly for prosperity and good luck for the following year. I was still sitting at the table long after everyone else had suffered the awful stuff down. Eventually, I spooned the peas into my napkin, stuffed them into my pocket, and flushed them down the toilet. Problem solved. I think I was 17 or 18.

3. Grapefruit. I was a kid and we were having a big family breakfast at either Golden Corral or Shoney’s. I’m leaning toward Golden Corral. I ordered grape juice. The waitress accidentally brought my grapefruit juice. Do you know how bitter grapefruit juice is especially when compared to sweet sweet grape juice? I think I spit it right back into my cup. Gross!

2. Blueberries. I remember the very moment I discovered I didn’t like blueberries. I was young, mayhaps seven or so, and my grandmother on a whim decided to make blueberry pancakes. Sounded good to me! I loved pancakes and adding blueberries seemed like an exotic yet fun idea. So she made the batter and began frying up her cakes. The thing I remember most vividly is the smell. The smell of those blueberries cooking in the pancake batter filled the entire house. Some people may find this smell mouthwatering. I found it gag-worthy and actually did make my way toward the bathroom to expel the contents from my stomach. I’ve never looked at a blueberry the same since, though thankfully my opinion has not changed about pancakes (except for the fact I can’t cook them without burning half the batter to pieces)

1. Cilantro. I never had a bad experience with cilantro. I just plain don’t like it. I’ve heard tale, however, that it’s a genetic thing that causes one to despise cilantro. I don’t know if there’s any truth in that. Maybe one day I’ll investigate.

Well, there you go! What are your top 5 no-no’s?