Today, two things happened.

First, we went to Pick n Pull to try and dig a resistor out of an old Nissan Maxima. It took us three cars to find the correct one my Pathfinder needed. Fortunately, I got in on the passenger side and started taking apart the glove box just before a man opened the drivers side door and started fiddling around with the radio and switches. I asked him what he was looking for and he told me he was in need of a resistor. Too bad for him I got there first. Besides, from our conversation he didn’t seem to even know what a resistor looked like. I tried to explain to him that the one I was pulling was a special kind of resistor for automatic climate control and he probably just needed one of the more common four prong resistors that I found in the other two Maximas. Then he switched his story up and said he needed one with automatic climate control. I wished him luck and was on my way as soon as I could yank out my part. I don’t think he did any research before going to the junkyard. Oh well.

Then I went home, dismantled my own glove box, replaced the resistor, and put the whole thing back together without any assistance from the boyfriend whatsoever. I’m happy to report that my a/c is now working perfectly and all for only eight bucks versus one hundred thanks to our adventure at Pick n Pull. I’m one happy girl.

The second thing that happened is I discovered the camera on my phone no longer works. I don’t know what happened to it, but that pretty much means that I won’t be able to post pictures for awhile. Of course, I could try taking it apart and figuring things out, but I think that’s little out of my league. But perhaps I’ll do a little research on it.

But it’s been a pretty good day!


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