I’m a terrible blogger! I know, I know it’s been awhile since my last post- but do let me explain. I moved. It’s as simple as that. I moved and these recent changes have made me either too lazy or too social to stay at home and do what I love, which is spending time in the kitchen. But it’s hard to spend time in the kitchen when you’re only cooking for one. Do you know how hard it is to cook for one? Of course, you should always cook for two because that means leftovers for lunch the next day, but I think you understand my point. I’m really enjoying my new apartment; there are perks to living alone. But that doesn’t mean you don’t miss certain things. And now we’re getting off subject and I refuse to make this post a depressing one.

So I will leave you with a small treat. Usually when I search for a new recipe, I go through a list of blogs until I find something I like. But recently, I’ve been watching cooks on YouTube. It’s great! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.  No worrying about if there are step by step instructions and pictures. It’s just as easy as watching the video!

The other day I was really craving some souvlaki. Mmm souvlaki. I had the fortune of first trying souvlaki at a wonderful little cafe in Greece when I was 17. What I would do to go there again! Greece is beautiful, and you know what? I actually preferred Athens to all those islands. I was surprised, too. Anyway, so I really wanted some souvlaki, but it’s hard to find the good stuff around these parts. Naturally, the only solution was to just make some myself. So did a little research and discovered TheScranLine. Not bad stuff. He had a video on how to make souvlaki…and tzatziki!.


Find some Greek yogurt



Dump it into a bowl lined with cheese cloth


Looks kinda gross, doesn’t it?


Tie up the cheesecloth in a ball around the yogurt


Done! Let rest in a bowl on the counter for the rest of the day (or on top of the fridge if you have a cat). By the time you get back, all that extra juice will be sitting at the bottom of the bowl


And you’re left with creamy, thick yogurt!


Now just add garlic, cucumber and some oil and you’re on your way to some fantastic tzatziki. Pacha seemed to like it anyway…



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