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I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise! Though, the way I’ve been updating lately y’all might have forgotten all about me. But things have been happenings, things that have taken up my time. For instance, with my current unemployed situation, I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy…and finally finally got an interview! Actually, it was more like a string of interviews over a month’s course for the same position. I’ll hopefully know by next week if I got it or not. I sure hope so! I need to buy a new camera so I can get back to sharing my tested recipes with everyone. It’s just so depressing without the photos, don’t you agree?

All that aside, I made my first cheese danish the other day. It was so much easier than I would’ve thought. Piece of cake (or rather danish haha). Since my camera is still out of service, I don’t have step-by-step pictures, but the boyfriend was kind enough to take a snapshot of the finished product when he got home from work. Since it was my first time working with a recipe like this, I didn’t make any tweaks so I’ll send you straight on to the original source here at Little House Living. It was delcious! And the dough was easy to make, which is saying something considering my track record with dough recipes


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    Oooh! That looks lovely! s x

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