Cheater cheater pumpkin eater

So Saturday the boys and I had a steak-off! That’s right, I was the only participating female. Kinda makes you realize how often your time is spent in the company of gentlemen. Guess that happens when all your friends start to leave and get married and begin their lives. Sigh…looks like I’m falling behind in that department. I always was the late bloomer.

Anyway, enough of that gloom because I have reason to celebrate. Back to the steak-off! I feel like we’d been planning this steak-off for weeks and something always seemed to get in the way. But not Saturday. The three of us- Bobby, Frank, and I- were determined. And by golly, we made it happen!

Originally, I was going to come up with a new marinade. But the boyfriend told me to use the one here. I obliged. It’s a good marinade. Full of flavor with a hint of heat…which could be a downfall if your judges don’t like heat. To each their own (cough cough bunch of babies- just kidding!)

Now, a certain someone didn’t feel like pulling out the charcoal grill so Bobby and I had to turn to my trusted broiler


Bobby went and got fancy on us with a nice Porterhouse. Man, I wish I had gotten one of those! It was so much juicier than my puny little steaks


I was aiming for medium, but I think I ended up with medium-well. I think my thermometer is on the off side


Then these guys showed up (late) with a grill. If only I had known!


That’s okay. His steak might have had that char-grilled taste, but he and Frank are cheaters. Take a look at this:

Store bought marinade! Oh, the shame of it. Actually, I didn’t mind all that much. In my opinion, it gave Bobby and I the advantage. Not too shabby for oven cooked steak


And here is the lineup of judges


So who won you ask? ME! Yay, I beat out all the guys!

Tijuana: III

Bobby: II

Chris/Frank: I

Frank/Chris: 0

Chris and Frank brought two steaks. I don’t know which belonged to whom. It doesn’t matter. Homemade marinades rule! Next time I think we should all buy the same cut of meat. It really does affect things.


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  1. * Bobby Hulse says:

    My marinade was based on the Montreal Steak seasoning with some added awesomeness. I did forget the soy sauce though and it didn’t marinate as long as I usually would have, but they all turned out great!

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 10 months ago

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