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Pinterest and timeline finally got me!

Back in June I wrote a post in regards to my favorite food. If memory serves, I went on about how impossible it is to choose a favorite food, especially if you are a devout foodie, love to eat, and love to cook. But here recently, I’ve start to change my mind about this favorite food embroilment. It all started with a craving, as most things in life do. We had already eaten dinner that night. I shouldn’t have been hungry, not at all, and yet it would seem that my tummy was having quite the rumble. I tried to resist. I checked my email. I browsed through blogs. I chatted on Facebook. All this with the hope of forgetting my hunger.

But she had other plans. Finally, with a touch of reluctance and a bit of excitement, I pulled the bread down and grabbed the provolone and cheddar from the crisper in the fridge. I really, really wanted a grilled cheese, though for the life of me I don’t know why. Cravings. But I didn’t want just any grilled cheese. I wanted something satisfying, something that would allow me to sit down and enjoy the rest of my night. So I went to the garden, gathered a couple golden tomatoes, and returned to the house. Inside, I sliced those tomatoes as thin as my knife would allow, snacking on too-big slices (which tasted as glorious as sunshine), and arranged the thinner slices along with my two types of cheese across my bread. On a whim, I dusted everything with pepper and oregano before popping the whole shebang into the toaster oven.

Then I waited. And I waited some more. Before the crust turned black, I took my prize out of that toaster oven and ate it. If those tomatoes, freshly picked, tasted like sunshine, they transformed my sandwich into the best kind of ambrosia and I’m going to go off and live an immortal life in Olympus. Between the tomatoes and the oregano along with the cheese, I could have died a very happy person thanks to a very simple thing: a grilled cheese sandwich.

And you know what? I’ve always been partial to a good sandwich anyway. So perhaps that is my favorite food. If I absolutely without a doubt had to choose because my life depended on it.

The pictures are $%*&, but that’s okay. One day I will have a fancy camera!



So simple yet so awe inspiring. I’m pretty sure I could eat something like this everyday for lunch


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