A picture says a thousand words

It’s always fun cooking with friends, especially if they are the ones doing the cooking. Of course, the whole dinner is a group effort, but there’s a need for someone to take charge. For the most part, I find that person to usually be me. The kitchen is just where I like to be. But sometimes you need to step back and give someone else the reins. Last night, they were handed over to Alan

He made us curry. Aimee acted as sous chef, slicing the zucchini, chopping the onion, and grating the ginger. I diced the chicken and cooked the rice, silently reminding myself not to chase people out of my kitchen. It’s a good thing to have friends that know how to cook! Allison provided the entertainment on Alan’s Mac. We watched a  Karmin video and then she introduced us to Beauty and the Beat. Oh yeah, Aimee was also our photographer. Sure, I snapped a few shots myself but her camera is by far more superior than my little rinkydink phone.

As of yet, I do not have the recipe for Alan’s curry, but there are plenty of pics for you until I can procure it.

Yum! Great meal. I do prefer red curry a little over yellow curry, but I was not complaining! Oh, and we got our free slurpees from 7-11. You know, since it was 07/11




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  1. You’re first paragraph is hilarious =]

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 11 months ago

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